Will Business Values Increase Over Next 12 Months?

Substantially - 10%
Moderate - 31.4%
Stable - 30%
Decrease - 24.3%
Plummet - 4.3%
The voting for this poll has ended on: 06 Mar 2012 - 21:24


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Strategy + Process = Success

Imagine the Satisfaction of Knowing you Received Maximum Value for Your Company

Princeton Capital  is a boutique M & A advisory firm that specializes in earning sellers a premium for their businesses when selling or divesting. We work with Business Owners to maximize the value of their business through an effective exit strategy that maximizes the value to the business owner or shareholders. Business owners may maximize their benefit from a business sale from a strategic sale of the business, a Management Buy-Out, a merger, or many other strategies.

The question is, which strategy is best for you and your shareholders?

You want to maximize the selling price, but How? There are two Buyers will value a company based upon the future earnings they will earn from the company, and the company’s assets. Princeton Capital has a 3 step process built to maximize the valuation buyers will put on your company, and the return to the shareholders of the seller, that starts with 1) uncovering and marketing all a company’s valuable assets, 2) marketing the company and those assets to the companies and funds that will value them most, and 3) using our experience to maximize the return to the shareholders through effective negotiations, tax strategies, and deal structures.

You want to maximize the actual dollars you receive. There are many examples of business owners who sold their business but

How Princeton Developed the System that Worked

Princeton was built based on its founder’s “less than positive” experience in over 20 years of starting, buying, and selling small to medium sized businesses.  We know firsthand how difficult it is to succeed with a small business, and how difficult it is to execute a proper and efficient exit strategy.  We believe Small Business Owners deserve the maximum value for their businesses, and the assets they have built over the years.

The importance of obtaining maximum value, and achieving a successful sale of Your Company, is not only important to you but also important to the American way of life.  Achieving the “American Dream” means your business has brought economic strength and innovations that affects the lifestyle of many Americans.  Realizing the fruits of your labor and risk, and transitioning your company properly so that it can achieve the next level of success, is extremely important to make certain small businesses continue to thrive.

To achieve the final pinnacle of your success is typically not an easy process.  In our past experience, we found that most business owners were not as successful with this final stage of their American Dream.  This is not just hurtful to the business owner who leaves money on the table, but also harms the ability for someone else to continue or start their own American Dream.


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